So this whole blogging thing now has me intrigued. Initially, I thought I would do something along the lines of “A Daily Dose of…” but that really didn’t pan out, not that I couldn’t come up with good copy, but I really didn’t want to “gripe” all the time. Trust me, it’s not that I couldn’t, actually I am rather good at it but all in all I figure anyone that may find their way here probably wouldn’t want to hear it!!!!

So I stumble upon the Daring Bakers and I joined up. Food, now there is something I am good at, as is evidenced by my waistline!!! Maybe a few posts a month on food and a healthy bitchfest or two, as well. Sounds like a plan, and TaDa “Sleeping Bear’s Grumblings” was born. However, the more I thought about blogging, my schedule and the Daring Bakers, the more I thought, perhaps just go the Food Blog route. I am here to tell you first off, I am not, I repeat NOT, trained formally by any means. I have said it in the past “that I taught Martha Stewart everything she knows” but the truth be told, I might hold my own against her in the kitchen, I wouldn’t want to go head to head, as I know she would slap me down!!! I am not one for recipes, aside from baking that is, if it strikes me I do it!!! Which has been the cause of many a raised eyebrow from family and friends but usually it works out well.

Now I mentioned my schedule earlier, unfortunately at this time I am not afforded as much kitchen time as I would like. This gave me the idea to concentrate solely on a food blog at this time, one daring baker’s challenge a month and then force myself into 2 or 3 other food endeavors and I could actually find time to write a fairly “edible” blog!!! So grab your whisk and zester and welcome aboard!!!