Yea, yea, yea…I know again WAY LATE!!!!! But really it has been a busy past couple of weeks.

Scott and Carol - 33 yrs strong!

Scott and Carol - 33 yrs strong!

Carol, the doll that she is turned 35 this year, yet she has been married to Scott for 33 years, as of June 28th!!!! How you may ask is that possible, well the powers of chocolate (and of course I am not gonna argue with Carol!!).

Being that they both love chocolate and again I am not one to argue, I decided to bake them a little chocolate dream!! Now Scott mentioned that he really likes chocolate and peanut butter (who doesn’t) but for some reason I didn’t see the peanut as befitting a celebration of such magnitude, so I upped the ante to Hazelnuts.

I had a plan, now to gather the elements with which to implement it.

The cake comes from my dear sweet DB buddy Lis, anyone who hasn’t read her blog MUST!! Especially the post about the “Mothership“, that would be the cake I chose for S&C. BTW Lis my cake too had brains!!!

The buttercream comes from another DBer and bud (in this case buddette), Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice fame! Apparently, the cake I promised her has now been upsized because someone deleted the email with this fantastic recipe in it. Initially she had taunted a group of us by stating she had just made the world’s best tasting chocolate buttercream, here you will find the recipe. Try it, you will find she exaggerated not!

I filled this Anniversary concoction with the easiest of things….Nutella. Yea, hazelnuts seem to be a theme with me this month, be patient though my friends this Filbert Fetish will soon make itself clear. Till then, check out Chris at Mele Cotte, she is the Mother of all this Madness!

A quick coating of chocolate ganache and some hazelnut garnish and voila….

A Chocolate Concoction

befitting 33 years of Chocolate Bliss!!!

Congratulations Scott and Carol

here’s to another 33!

(by then Carol should just be hitting 40!)