For those of you that have visited before and are wondering….yes I do cook things other than cake!!!  Seems I have been on a cake binge as of late, but really I haven’t made anything worthy of a post till this one!

This particular recipe came my way through my browser’s reader and immediately I knew I was gonna give it a shot.  Not because it was terribly different, terribly hard or any such madness but because it sounded terribly up my alley as far as taste goes!!!

Now I love lobster, filet and all the culinary stars but my favorite meal of all time, ALL TIME I say is…

The Hamburger!

No turkey burgers or veggie burger for me, I absolutely adore the good old fashioned 100% beef hamburger!!  So are you aware yet that I love hamburgers??  Well if not….hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, beef, beef, beef, YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

Now I am not gonna bore ya with the recipe details, as I said it is terribly simple, so check it out here!

What I did do differently this time was bake my own hamburger buns.  I am learning my way around yeast and I wanted to give it a go.  I sent out a request to my baking buddies and was rewarded with not one but 5 easy yet tasty recipes for breads that could easily show off a good burger.  I decided upon Bread Chick Mary’s ” No Fail Farmer’s Bread“.  I did an eeney, meeney, miney, moe kinda thing to choose which recipe to use but I was pleased I landed on this one.  The reason being it said no fail, well, I am not yet steady on my feet with yeast, so I figured this would be a test.  If I screwed this one up, then maybe I should stay away from the yeast.  Well, it is truly no fail and now I am working my way through the other for recipes I received.

That being said, I am just gonna go for the quick menu, a picture or two and a skedaddle out the door here….

  • Cheddar burgers with balsamic onions and chipotle ketchup
  • Watermelon Salad with Balsamic, basil and red onions
  • Busch’s Baked beans (concession to Ray)
  • No Fail Farmer’s bread
Buns awaiting a rise!!!

Buns awaiting a rise!!!

Done Buns!!!!!!!

Done Buns!!!!!!!

Now that's a burger!!

Now that's a burger!!

Ciao for now…..or would that be CHOW!!!!