-Uh, what ruckus? -I was just in my office and I heard a ruckus. –Could you describe the ruckus, sir? -Watch your tongue, young man. …”



No, really I am not talking about the Breakfast Club today but the Bakeanista Club, not really a club but it fits with the prose!!! I am however going to refer to a ruckus! And guess who it was that caused said ruckus?? You got it, Moi!!!!!

The Bakeanistas are just a group of folks that get together once every month or perhaps two to chat online and bake. This month we had a a guest visiting with us, just to see what we were about and how this chatty bakey thing worked…Halley it was such an honor to have you want to join in. Now I am not going to explain why Halley wanted to sit in but if things work out I am sure there will be much interest in the future.

So back to this ruckus. We had a few choices of what we were going to bake, we voted and we ended up with Cassata alia Sicilia. Apparently, there are two versions of this cake, one hails from Napoli, the other Sicily. The one from Napoli has a whipped cream frosting while the one from Sicily is typically much more elaborate with Fondant, candied fruit and marzipan fruit decoration. Well it seems I was the only one headed to Sicily on this one, I mentioned fondant in one of the emails back and forth and the ruckus rolled!!!

Cassata in the Garden

Cassata in the Garden

“Fondant? This cake has fondant?” “I hate fondant!” “Oh no, fondant!” and on it went. Well, in defense of fondant I have found a recipe that is tasty, that is easy and that more often than not is eaten as opposed to being peeled off the cake and discarded. Try it, you are gonna like it!!!!!

For me baking day was a little hectic, as I had guests coming that evening and I had a ton of work to do. I didn’t get to spend the time with the Bakeanistas that I would have liked….I missed a ton of fun, I am sure!!! But I was back and forth and caught snippets of the typical Bakeanista behavior!!!!

So let me give ya a quick low down on this cake…. it consists of

  • Pan di Spagna-an italian sponge cake
  • Ricotta filling-think cannoli
  • Whipped cream frosting or a powdered sugar glaze on top
  • Decoration of Fondant (Sicily) or nuts and fruit (Napoli)

Ricotta, candied orange peel, pistachio and chocolate, Oh My!

Ricotta, candied orange peel, pistachio and chocolate, Oh My!

This is not an overly sweet and decadent tasting cake but a very satisfying old world style concoction. For me it brought back many memories of days gone by and I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to make it (it will be made again). It is not a cake to eat huge slabs of and it will serve quite a few people (12-16) easily.

6 people served so far!!!  Dats alotta cake!!!

6 people served so far!!! Dats alotta cake!!!

Unlike the in school detention of the Breakfast Club, this was a much more fun and enjoyable time. Although, like in the movie after all was said and done we all walked off into the afternoon sun to our own different worlds. Now I won’t go through and name the brain, the nerd, the jock and so on, like in the movie but because of my ruckus causing tendencies I think I may be labeled the Rebel. But for your viewing pleasure here are the Bakeanistas who baked

Now that isn’t the entire posse, some for various reasons weren’t able to bake or join in on the chat but check them out nonetheless, there are some very talented folks in this bunch!!!