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Here we go again kiddies, DB reveal time!!  (Well, uhhhh, ummmmm, John screwed up!!  Typical post is the last sunday of month but these girls threw all kinds of curves at me and did the last saturday, ahh see if I would have read it all and thoroughly… you’ll understand soon!!)

So, as is typical, the beginning of the month had me dashing to the DB forums to see what awaited me!!  What could it be this month?  Natalie from Gluten A Go Go, and co-host Shelly, of Musings From the Fishbowl came up with a great one!!!  I saw the word lavash and instantly my heart leapt…joy, joy, joy!!!  I come from a very ethnically diverse area of western PA and knew what was in store.  I have had this many a time in my younger years and it was always accompanied by one of my all time favorite meals….Kibbee!!!  The joy truly was overwhelming, as this is not a meal I could ever, without good reason bring to my table.

Let me back tread just a bit…if you have yet to ascertain this from previous posts or if you don’t really know me….Patience is not one of my virtues!!!  That being said let me continue….

Having read the word lavash and it bringing such joy, I read no further.  I was off googling recipes, I was planning shopping lists and I was definitely looking forward to the moment when I would present this meal, lavash and Kibbee, and promptly say, the peanut butter is in the cupboard!!!!  For those of you that have no clue what Kibbee is, let me ‘splain!!!!  Basically it is ground lamb (sometimes beef), cracked wheat and spices, it can be prepared in 2 ways.  The first being it is formed into a loaf and baked…Viola lebanese meatloaf!  The second, and the way I eat it, it is formed into large patty, then slapped onto a plate, drizzled in olive oil, topped with pepper rings, throw a few scallions on the side and serve with a side plate of lavash!!!!!!!!  Yep kiddies you read that correctly, there was no mention of an oven, a stove or even a match!!  Red, raw and rockin’!!  True, not for the faint of heart but if you get the chance, go for it….DELISH!!!!!!

At full throttle I forged ahead, thinking, planning and scheming but then a voice said, go back a read further perhaps these girls have something further in mind.

skim, skim, skim….crackers and dip!!!

HMMMM, the lavash I know is soft, more pita-ish but the way raw Kibbee is eaten can almost be considered dipping.  Not so bad, I will bake a little longer and have a harder lavash, no biggie.

skim, skim, skim….VEGAN?!?!?

OMG!!!  My heart sank…oh hell, it fell out of my ass!!!  My Kibbee out the door it flew… I CRIED!!!!!!!

Ok, I need to read and read thoroughly I thought!!!  Lavash and dip. Lavash baked till cracker stage.  Lavash can be wheat flour or gluten free.  Dip must be vegan but anything you desire.  Ok, I got the basics, I got the recipe but vegan….what’s a carnivore to do??


Hell no, a Daring Baker’s Challenge at it’s best for me…I just needed to regroup, wipe a few tears and rethink it all.

Here in the northern hemisphere and in western PA the nights are becoming cool and crisp, the days still get a bit sweltering and this is an indication that fall is upon us.  The colors of the trees are beginning their flamboyant change and the gourds and squash are making their way to the markets.

Squash, hmmmmm, butternut, HMMMMMM, roasted garlic, AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Yea, the lavash was the easy part, it was the vegan dip that was causing me grief but that combo of butternut and garlic got me going.

The lavash recipe can be found here or on numerous other Daring Baker blogs.  As for the dip recipe, well, baking is a precise science, cooking not so much.  Basically, I prepare meals like a grandma…a little of this, a touch of that, throw in a healthy dose of some other…so here you will find but a vague outline of my dip.

  • 1small/medium butternut squash, split, seeded, drizzled with some extra virgin and a smattering of salt and pepper, throw it in a 350 degree oven till soft.
  • 1 large clove garlic ( I’m italian, so large for me is most likely “gi-normous” for most other folk), slice the top off the head, drizzle with EV, wrap in foil and throw in the same oven, again till soft.
  • When both are done, squeeze the roasted garlic out of the skin and put into a food processor.  Scoop the pulp from the butternut ( I did this as soon as it was out of oven, as I wanted the heat to assist with incorporating the next ingredient) and throw it in the processor as well.
  • 1 4oz block of Tofu diced, throw it in the processor!!
  • I had some leftover hazelnuts and I thought they would add a nice texture, so I threw about 1/2 cup of those in as well.
  • S & P to taste.
  • Process on high till smooth.

What emerged from the processor, well it wasn’t Kibbee but this shiznet made this carnivore cry once more!!!  It was very much like a golden, slightly sweet hummus.  In the lavash recipe we were given the option to sprinkle the crackers with seeds,  spices and so on, I chose for mine….get this!!!

Kosher Salt and Cinnamon.

The salt balanced the sweetness of the butternut and the cinnamon complemented, oh so wonderfully, the warm richness of the roasted garlic!  The tofu gave the creaminess any good dip should have.

Now if the truth be told, as I thought of this it sounded wonderful but as I was processing, I began to fear the outcome.  I didn’t do any research for dips and the whole vegan thing had me out of sorts.  I thought, “what catastrophe awaits?”. Again, there was none and I have only Natalie and Shelly to thank for getting me to stretch as I did on this one.  In the past I would not have thought along these lines, there would have to have been some sort of cheese in this or something that would not fit the bill; actually I came damn close to throwing in some honey, luckily something stopped me and I thought it through and came to the forum to find that would have been a no-no.  Obviously, the vegan lifestyle is not for me and luckily I have no worries with gluten but the truth is some very rich and tasty dishes fall into these categories.


Keeping the Flour Flying!!!

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