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I am a bad, bad, bad Daring Baker…ok, well not really but perhaps a lazy one this month!!!!! Here it is 11 hours into the 29th and I am just starting to write my post…50 lashes with a pizza dough cat o’nine tails!!!!! I would soooo love to say I have been busy beyond belief or that “something came up” but really, no!!!!! I have just been unfocused and LAZY!!!!

This month’s challenge comes to us from Rosa of Rosa’s Yummy Yums, initially she was to be co-host with 2 others, unfortunately though that was not to be. I won’t go into the hows and whys of that, as most of you are already aware… I will say however, her choice to continue forward was a wonderful tribute and provided us all with a great challenge.

And this challenge was what, you wonder? In case you missed the cat o’nine tails reference earlier, it was Pizza or more specifically the dough on which any pizza is built! The recipe comes to us from “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice: Mastering The Art of Extraordinary Bread” by Peter Reinhart. All in all it was a rather simple endeavor even though it is a 2 day task, most of that time consisting of proofing and resting. Aside from staying true to the recipe as it was written, our only other requirement was to attempt to photograph the tossing of the dough…now I promise I really did toss the dough and I am not trying to use the old “my dog ate my homework”excuse but……The pizza was served for this month’s game night and my designated photographer was more involved with cocktail hour than me tossing dough!!!! And truthfully, even with a self-timer or remote controlled camera, taking one’s own photo whilst tossing dough really doesn’t work!!!! I did attempt, truly!!!!

With only the 2 above requirements, the rest was a free-for-all…sauces, toppings, sweet or savory and on and on!!!!! I will say this about being unfocused, lazy and writing this 11 plus hours into posting day…Daring Bakers RULE!!!!!! I am reading between my thoughts other’s posts and I am running across some damn HOT pizzas!!!!!!! For instance

Plum, mascarpone and stuessel topping…what else can I say but, “You GO Girl!!!!”

Now, since I have been lazy this month and I have not paid much attention to this here little ole bloggy thingy, I noticed upon starting this that WordPress has a nifty new feature… so to reveal my pizzas for this challenge I am going to attempt a Pizza Personality Poll.

And now for your viewing pleasure a diptych, or in this case…”quad”tych. Which is your Pizza Personality?

What's Your Pizza Personality?

What's Your Pizza Personality?

And now 14 hours into posting day I finish the prose!!! 16 hours into posting day and this one is all done, happy tossing y’all as I am sure we will all give this another go!!!!!


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