So as we all know, Blogland can be a wonderful place. We get the chance to meet people from far off spots and form some great friendships but oh so often it is a faceless world. Should any of you get the chance, as I did, to actually meet the friends face to face, jump at it!! Dive in, it truly is a wonderful experience.

A quick history lesson, then on to the fun. I joined both Blogland and the Daring Bakers back in April, so I am definitely still a toddler in this land. Immediately I met Lis, a most welcoming, warm and ab-so-FAKKIN-lutely hysterical person!!! Through her, I was introduced to some other wonderful and talented folk. Time marched on and we got to know a bit about each other, Lis announced her nuptials, then one day the mailman dropped off an invite….what to do? Oh, that was easy, clear the sched and get there!!!!!

I soon learned that Kelly and Helen(e) would be in attendance as well. Ray and I cleared our weekend, made arrangements and were ready to go. Now, if you have visited here before, you may be aware nothing goes as planned in my life. Yadda yadda yadda, ultimately we had a five hour delay in our start, we drove from Pittsburgh to Cleveland. We arrived at the hotel 15 mins before the reception started, took quick showers, dressed and got back on the road. Now I thought, this could be a good thing…I could make my entrance fashionably late, as is my usual MO. NOT TO BE!!!!

Kelly, is the only one of the 4 DBers in attendance to actually have her picture on her blog, so she was who I was lookin for. I had notions of what Lis and Helen looked like but no real reference. In a sea of faces I knew no one!!! Foolish foolish, foolish!! People kept coming but no light bulbs were going off…finally I heard someone say, “she is here”…YES!!!   Still who I saw was no one I knew! Finally I spy someone, I knew had to be Kelly, tentatively, I made my way over, yes it was her…hugs, nice-to-meet yous and all that goes with a first meeting…through this I noticed a dark haired sprite of a woman (in the HOTTEST tights you ever saw) checking us out….HELENE!! More hugs!!! Still however, no Lis or Wayne!!!!! Now, I have never heard her say this but I swear Lis’ motto is, “Schedules are meant to be broken“. Now, I left my watch in the hotel but I do know when we arrived and I know it was at least a half hour before I saw Kelly, so basically the Bride trumped my “fashionably late” entrance!!!!

The reception was wonderful, we drank (some of us too much, RAY!!!), we talked, we ATE!! Oh yes, the food as expected was wonderful.  L, K and H had a few days of kitchen time together, with other helpers of course, and they created a wonderful feast for an even more wonderful party!!! Helen, did Lis’ cake and as much as I want to share pics, I won’t, that is for Helen and Lis but I will tell you it was wonderful (don’t get bored with the over usage of “wonderful” it will all be clear soon enough).

Just a quick side note, bit of levity and inside joke…During the evening I got to meet many people, all very very nice, Lis surrounds herself with wonderful people!!  I met one person and was quickly introduced to “the girls”, “the girls” seemed to follow me wherever I went, a few times even “the girls” were WAYYY in my personal space.  Now you are thinking this can’t be all that bad…well, the truth be told I am not such a fan of “the GIRLS”!!!!!  (Lis, you owe me on that one!!!)

The reception came to a close and we all went off to get some rest, as there was more festivity planned!!!  Lis had us all over for brunch in the morn (afternoon actually).  Finally, my kitchen time!!!  I refused to let my fellow DBers say that I only came to eat!!   I was cookin’ for these kids!!!

We arrived at Lis and Wayne’s around 11 am and as expected there was alot of ass dragging goin on!!  Everyone was spent and just enjoying the “down” time.  Kelly was showering but her contribution to brunch was in the oven…a french toast bake, which again I will leave to her to tell of but, yes here it comes… Wonderful!  Helene, as I said before did the cake so she had a “Get out of the Kitchen Free” card.  Lis did eggs and hashbrowns, how wrong were we to let her in the kitchen on the morn after her wedding, bad DBers!!!!  My time came and I did a breakfast bruschetta, bascially a mish mosh of some recipe ideas I found and threw into one easy to eat package.  I will post what recipe I can for it here but basically it was toasted baguette slices topped with apple and golden raisin compote, crumbled bacon and Black Diamond Cheddar (which I was so happy to find in Lis’ local supermarket cheese case!!!).  Personally, I thought it was wonderful and they seemed to like it as well!  (I hope but don’t think that one of those guys got a picture of it, as I didn’t).  The Bellinis and Mimosas were made, we sat down to eat and talk and again had a wonderful time.

After some time together, Kelly’s driver came to wisk her off to the airport…hugs and kisses goodbye.  I and Ray (obviously) were fading fast, so we gathered ourselves and got on the road… more hugs and kisses.  A slight pang of guilt hit me as I was leaving Helen and Lis to handle clean-up but I knew it would get done, sooner or more likely later it would get done!

Now this is a blog and there must be the obligatory picture, well I have quite a few but I need time to download edit and upload, so a picture page will come soon but for now….Helene forgive me!!   Check out these tights!!!!


Are you ready for wonderful?  Well, if you are given the chance, meet your fellow bloggers.  I know I am glad I did!!

Lis and Wayne, Helene and Kelly, Greg and Bob, Laurie and “the girls” and everyone else….

We had a wonderful time!

We had wonderful food!

and most importantly

You are all WONDERFUL people!!!!!