We're waiting!

15 years is a long time yet it passes in the blink of an eye.

The first time I saw my little “pussy girl” was after asking Ray what he had under his jacket.  He grinned sheepishly and opened the zipper a bit and out popped the cutest fuzziest little head.  Immediately I said “no!”, but the battle was lost.  So the selection of a name began, we had to come up with something original, we had to find the “purr”fect name.  A few days passed with no progress.  Poor precious little girl with no name.  More we thought and still nothing.  We kept saying “she was too precious to have no name”… then we knew…Precious.

Ray and I grew up with her.  A couple of apartments, 2 houses, good times, bad times…life.

She was a typical cat…when she was in the mood for us she’d let us know, when not, well she knew we’d wait.

One thing about her was she never stopped purring.  Literally her engine revved non stop.  Hopefully, this was an indicator of contentment and a good life.  Early this morning, however, the purring came to an end, at least for a little while  as Ray and I wait for her to let us know she needs a little more Love!!