So this is going to be very short and sweet.  Well wishes to all.  Today I spent a quiet Easter with Ray and we had our typical, ham, scalloped potatoes, pineapple glazed carrots, all accompanied by a salad and crusty dinner rolls.  Pretty tame.  However, I had a hankering for lamb and despite the fact that he won’t touch the stuff, I went ahead and stuffed a leg of lamb.  I found the recipe off of facebook and you can all find it here, it was pretty straightforward and not at all a difficult task.  The stuffing was simply, mint, shallot ( I used garlic and onion) and bleu cheese.  Stuff it, roll it, roast it, simple as that.  To finish it off was a sauce….OMG the SAUCE!!!!!!  Reduced pan drippings, red wine followed by more reduction, thicken with ground roasted pine nuts, remove from the heat and add more bleu cheese.  All I can say is the lamb was divine but truth be told, I would have been content with the pan of sauce and a straw!!!!!!  Try it, you are gonna like it!!!!!!

And again, to everyone out there, “Christos Anesti!”.